Week 5 # 19 Musically Inclined

On a visit to Solomon’s Castle I saw this banjo man made out of recycled material and thought it would fit for this topic. This was such a unique place to visit.  All items have been hand made by artist Howard Solomon.



Week 4: # 49 Where the Dolphins meet the sky

While out boating on Sunday we came across a few pods of dolphins. We watched them for quite some time. At one point as we floated in the Gulf, around us must have been 4 or five different pods of dolphins for a total of close to 50 of these amazing creatures. As it is mating season they were very active, doing many small jumps, roll overs and splashing the tails.  Watching them as they took some massive leaps and being able to capture made my day. when looking at the photos I thought that this one would for “where the —-meets the sky”.where-the-dolpins-meet-the-sky

Hi, It has been a long month for me. I was hospitalized with sepsis and kidney infection. Was given a clean bill of health yesterday after 2 weeks of daily meds thru a mid line. I will be back out taking pictures and will be posting again soon. I have enjoyed seeing all the post.

week 3 # 32 Signage

While out on the bay I saw this sign on what I believe an old railroad bridge  over the bay to the Island. The sign says ” This Facility is For Little League Baseball, No Unauthorized Use Permitted.”I found it very cool that we saw it on the bay. I realize we are only supposed to post one picture. But the store behind why I wanted to use this particle sign was the fact that it was on the bridge.

Week 2 #21 On The Water

While out fishing on the bay, while anchored had the most amazing experience with this dolphin. This beauty chose us to display her talents. She swam around us, doing various rolls, waves and mini jumps. After each display she would skim her fin along the boat and give us this smile.  When she would surface from the water she would be nodding her head as to ask did you like that trick. You can see from this photo that her fin is touch the boat as she gave us the flipper smile. This is one experience I will always remember.untitled shoot-025

Week 1: Repeating Patterns #28

Repeating Patterns #28

This photo was shot in Arcadia , I really loved how the stairs reflection on the wall created a repeating pattern of the spiral staircase.  When I first saw the staircase,  the rust and age really caught my eye. then I saw the reflection and thought it would be perfect start to the 52 week challenge.

Week 3 Dawns Light

I will be heading out again in another week to start taking pictures again. I fractured my ankle, and had to have surgery to remove a bone splinter. So getting out to take pictures has not been an option for me. I have another week of having to go easy, then I will be able to go out. Just on shorter excursion so as to not over do on my ankle. Needless to say am going a bit stir crazy.  Was excited the day we took the boat out and was able to shoot some photos. While cruising I also got a few of the dolphins playing in the bay. It never gets old watching them.

Sunrise over the bay-0002

My husband and I headed to to the bay with the boat and while he unloaded the boat at the ramp I took a few pictures of the early morning light. What I really liked about this shot was the light reflections on the old pilings.